Old School Companion

The ultimate Old School RuneScape toolkit for your Android device

Grand Exchange Item Lookup

Search for prices

Find the current price of any tradable item within seconds

Grand Exchange Item Lookup

Detailed information

View the current GE price, alch values and more on the detail page of the item

Experience Tracker

View your gains

View your gained experience in he last day, week, month or year.

Hiscores Lookup

View your stats

Lookup any player and view their stats. There's also an option to switch between different account styles such as ironmen (btw)

Hiscores Lookup


In addition to the normal skills, you can also find minigame stats here

Hiscores Lookup


Enter two names and compare your level, rank or exp with others


Various calulators

This includes experience, math, combat and skill calculators


Experience calulator

Calculate experience difference from lvl to lvl or show the exp/lvl based on your input


Skill calulator

Skill planner to show amount of actions to reach your next goal, with built-in hiscores. Some included skills are fishing, woodcutting, prayer, magic and herblore


Combat calulator

A combat calulator with information to reach your next level to build your perfect account


Math calculator

A simple math calulator with basic math operations


Diary calculator

Diary calculator to show which diaries you can complete and what requirements you need for ones you cannot complete. The calculator does not take quest points or minigames in consideration.


Simple notepad

A simple notepad is included where you can scribble down some notes for your next adventure

Treasure Trails Lookup


Treasure Trails coordinates lookup with images of the location of where to dig

Treasure Trails Lookup


Maps with image and a description of where to dig

Treasure Trails Lookup


Anagram solutions with the npc location described

Treasure Trails Lookup


Challenge questions with the answer to it

Treasure Trails Lookup


Anwers to riddles with the corresponding action

Treasure Trails Lookup


Answers to ciphers which which uses Caesar shifts to encrypt a NPC's name

Fairy rings list

Fairy rings

A searchable list containing all fairy ring locations with images and description

OSRS Wiki webview


A built-in webpage to search rswiki for information that's currently not available in the app

Notification Timers


Customisable timers that trigger a notification once or on an interval. Useful for nightmare zone overloads, farming crop grow duration etc.

Simple Worldmap


A built-in worldmap to help you navigate through the world of Gielinor

Simple Worldmap


Included list of some common places to quicky navigate to

To-do list

To-do list

A simple to-do list to quicky tick off some stuff you needed to do

To-do list

To-do list

Option to edit, delete and rearrange the list


Monster lookup

Easily find information about the monster you're about to fight


View its drops

Find out what drops it might leave for you

Alch overview

List of most profitable items

Quickly see what currently the most profitable items are to alch

Alch overview

Detailed info

View detailed info of the item, such as price and buy limit

Floating views


Activate the floating views by turning on the switch at the top of the landings page

Floating views


A small floating view will stay on your screen which you can freely drag around if it gets in the way. Tap on the view to maximize.

Floating views


All the utilities of the app are available as a floating view. Tap on the icon at the top to minimize again.

Floating views

Grand Exchange

Quicky open the floating view to lookup a price of an item

Floating views


Open the floating view and find a player you encounter during your game to view their stats

Floating views

Treasure Trails

Use the app to help you solve your treasure trails without having to switch to your browser

Floating views

Other tools

All other tools that are included in the app are available as a floating view

Custom floating views

Create your own floating views

Enter a name and a url

Custom floating views

Accesible in two ways

Access it directly in the homescreen of the app or select it as a floating view


What does the app do? It is a stand-alone app with different tools such as a Grand Exchange to lookup items or hiscores to lookup players. The 'first part' of the app behaves just used like any other app. It is NOT a client of any sort where you have to log in with your RuneScape details.
The 'second part' of the app is the floating views that can be used while playing. It does not have any interaction with the game and is basically an external component to provide easy access to external resources without having you to switch between apps. The floating views can be minimized and maximized according to your needs.

Is the app free? The app is completely free without any advertisements.

Where do I give feedback? You can send me a mail at info@dennyy.com for any bug, question or suggestion.

Permissions explanation The app requires three permissions

  • android.permission.SYSTEM_ALERT_WINDOW is needed to draw the floating views on your screen
  • android.permission.INTERNET is needed to connect to the internet to retrieve information
  • android.permission.WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE is needed to download the worldmap to your internal storage in the documents folder

Disclaimer I shall not be held liable to and shall not accept any liability, obligation or responsibility whatsoever for any loss or damage while using the app. It is your own responsibilty to check your in-game status every once in a while.